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Colleen is a generous intuitive person, and a compassionate skilled coach. She has a calm direct focused style and holds a neutral space for any topic. She will keep your attention on your own needs and intentions for your life, whatever outward pressures and distractions exist. I recommend her highly, particularly for people dealing with chronic health issues, and people who identify as highly sensitive.

Anjalisa ~ Singer/Songwriter, Waimea Hawaii

“While working with Colleen, we were able to prioritize and reach the core issues in my life to heal and release them in an amazingly effective and efficient manner. The work Colleen did with me had an immediate impact and forever changed my life.  I am freer, lighter, happier, more at peace, clearer and better able to see and connect with my present life and the people in it.  Thank you Colleen!”

Ann J ~ Boulder Colorado

Colleen, you really have made a tremendous impact on my life with your love, patience, guidance, coaching and for being a CATALYST FOR CHANGE helping me learn to go inward and rediscover my radiant spirit connected self. Bless you, and Thanks! You are an angel.

Eric B., Century 21 Home Improvements ~ Colorado

Colleen has an uncanny ability to extract the most genuine part and in examining closely what needs to be addressed. Then, with understanding, insight and patience, she has helped me to find answers, resolutions and new ways for transformation.

Randi Michaels ~ Owner of Center for Creative Expressions ~ Colorado

Since working with you, I have a new sense of freedom that is simply phenomenal. Meanwhile, I have been able to experience an integration of the outwardly different parts of my spirituality that has completely blown my mind. I am astonished. I have been thinking about so much, watching the changes in my attitude bring about radical changes everywhere around me. You should take huge credit for helping me find my way out of the maze. I had given up on finding a way out, and now suddenly here I am!

Marla, The Pride Foundation ~ Washington

Meeting Colleen at a very difficult time in my life was nothing short of a miracle.

She shed light on the very dark space I found myself in and she helped guide me to a gentler more loving space for myself and the world. Colleens incredible spiritual knowledge combined with her gentle healing methods enabled me to heal and grow in ways I never thought possible. Life is truly more peaceful after having worked with her.

MaryPat ~ Hawaii

For me, Colleen has been a life-restorer as well as life coach.

As a highly sensitive healer, she was able to intuitively connect with the places in me where pieces of old stuff needed to be cleared. Then, using Eye Movement Therapy, she literally and figuratively helped me see — and feel — what my next steps needed to be. Muchas mahalo and deep appreciation Colleen!

Susan ~ Big Island Hawaii