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Welcome Home to Your Sensitive Nature

Feeling Deeply is Your Gift and Your Super-Power!


What does it mean to be Highly Sensitive?

Do you

  • Want to run for the hills rather than tolerate noisy crowds?
  • Find yourself worrying about how other people feel?
  • Avoid violent movies at all costs?
  • Have a rich, complex inner life?
  • Hear from others that “you are so sensitive or intense”?
  • See the details and mistakes that many people are oblivious to?
  • Find that open work environments just don’t work for you at all?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a highly sensitive person (HSP). According to Dr. Elaine Aron, psychologist and HSP researcher, there is an innate temperament trait that 15-20% of people have which she coined “highly sensitive”. Take a self-test that Dr. Aron developed to see if you or your child are a Highly Sensitive Person.

Your sensitive nervous system may pick up on others emotions, weather changes, smells, tastes, electronics, food, medications, chemicals, trauma, the impact of words that others do not feel as deeply, and more. Your nervous system can become highly overstimulated leaving you wanting to pull away and wondering how to navigate in a world that has so much stimuli.

Rest assured you are not alone! There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, everything is RIGHT about you! It means that your nervous system is finely tuned and you have the ability to feel on a very deep level. In fact, sensitives are amongst the most caring, conscientious and creative people on the planet and make tremendous leaders, healers, artists and innovators.


High sensitivity is a beautiful trait and its not going to go away. However, the challenge of your sensitivity is real and you may wonder where your place is in the world. You may see your sensitivity as a weakness yet in reality it is your super power. Your depth of feeling may make you feel vulnerable and you may feel unsafe in your own body. This is because you dont know how to handle it, much like an untamed horse. On the other hand you may feel deep, deep bliss at times leaving you confused.

Your relationships may be suffering as friends, family and co-workers may not understand what it feels like to experience the world as you do. They may criticize you, expect you to change or withdraw as they just dont understand. Yet, you may feel trapped by getting approval from others and neglect your own needs. It is important to be aware that your health must be safe-guarded to prevent you from the effects of over-stimulation.

Parenting a highly sensitive child can be a challenge. It is important to master the balance between providing them a shell when necessary and stepping back so the child can grow a shell of her own. You may notice that your sensitive children struggles with the stimulation of being in a public school setting and crowds in general. You may need to anticipate and avoid triggers that cause upset and replace them with boosters that nurture their spirit. If you have a highly sensitive child, you are truly blessed. You will gain deeper insights and you will develop a level of empathy for others you didnt know you had.

An important first key to your freedom is acceptance of yourself just the way you are and not trying to be someone that you are not. Then, it is important to let go of trying to ground through addictions and instead, ground your soul into your body harnessing the power of your intuition, creativity and depth of focus. Once you have accepted your sensitivity as your beautiful gift there are learnable skills to turn it into your super power. I will teach you the following techniques to be free and clear of external influences and use your internal depth of feeling to thrive and be truly empowered as a sensitive!


You will find the freedom you long for through learning to:

  • Ground yourself in your body so that you feel safe
  • Trust your intuition and allow it to lead you to create the environments and relationships to thrive
  • Create clear boundaries and take a stand for yourself
  • Nurture your essence by meeting your own needs
  • Use energy management skills to clear, protect and cleanse yourself of others’ energies.

You will live life on your own terms and find your unique purpose regaining confidence, loving relationships and good health.

When you give yourself permission to be who you are and embrace your gift, it is time to celebrate. Watch out world.here you come!