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About Colleen


Embrace Your Essence

It is no coincidence that you have found me here.  Like you are doing now, I have traveled the road to find my place in the world, as both a highly sensitive soul and an empath.

I am a seasoned guide with firsthand experience and training, giving me a solid foundation to walk beside you in your exploration.  It was not always that way.  As I stumbled and fell, I learned what it meant to be highly sensitive and eventually found my own way. My personal guidance system now shines as my super-power.

You smile. That’s exactly what high sensitivity is.  You have the ability to take in and process more deeply than the average person. When used ever so wisely, you’ll reap inner rewards of the experiences in your life going forward.

I hadn’t always listened as closely as my intuition, which led me to working in environments that did not suit me and a myriad of challenging moves. Ultimately, I had a big wake up call with multiple health issues and a disillusionment with relationships.

Feeling things so deeply, it didn’t feel safe to be in my body.  I was reminded time and time again that my body responded differently to external influences than the average person. So…listening to my inner guidance, I began to deeply honor and love myself… just the way I am and to TRUST myself. That’s what I am here to guide you to do.  You do not have to change who you are or how you are in the world.  You simply require more awareness about yourself, tools to manage the energies around you, the resolve to make choices that honor your sensitive wiring and Self-love as your foundation.

It’s Time To Stop Playing Small and Start
Living Large, Being Uniquely You!

As a heart centered coach for sensitive souls, I will work with you in a safe container to explore your challenges, help you embrace sensitivity as your power-base and focus on what you ultimately would like to create for yourself in this life.  I blend intuitive coaching with energy healing and will teach you energy management tools. This combination of skills will help you to maximize your health, resiliency, and balance.

Whether it’s finding your unique work in the world, creating fulfilling relationships, maintaining vital health, or learning how to understand the sensitive children in your life, I am honored to work with you as a partner in moving your life forward with joy!

I have a have a playful, creative and humorous side to me as well!  Our work together will always be tempered with some lightness as life is just not meant to be that serious.

Radiate Your Genius Out To the World


I am a passionate life long learner with over 20 years in practice as a coach and mentor serving both adults and children with sensitive natures – as well as spanning the niches of executive and business coaching, health and wellness, life transitions, and resiliency coaching.

My practice blends transpersonal hypnotherapy, NLP, spiritual psychology, trauma release and other emotional freedom healing modalities to help people release emotional energies stuck in the body to allow optimal forward movement.


  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; Eye Movement Therapy (modified form of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) – training received through the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, Boulder, Colorado
  • Reiki Master Practitioner – Boulder, Colorado
  • Spiritual Response Therapist – Boulder, Colorado

Completed Training

  • Mentor Coach with Thomas Leonard Graduate School of Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching


Schoolteacher and health education consultant working in wellness education for over 10 years; B.S. Health Education, University of Massachusetts

I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and partner with you to navigate this highly stimulating world of ours in ways that work to your advantage.  May you call upon and utilize your divine nature as a sensitive soul and own it as your wonderful gift to the world!